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Jeroen Missinne

Jeroen Missinne
Prof. Dr. ir. Jeroen Missinne
Affiliated with IMEC vzw
Technologiepark - Zwijnaarde 126
B-9052 Gent, Belgium
tel : +32-9-264.56.21
fax : +32-9-264.35.94


Jeroen Missinne received the Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 2007 and his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2011, both at Ghent University, Belgium. He is currently employed as part-time associate professor at Ghent University and employed at the CMST (Center for MicroSystems Technology), an imec-affiliated research lab at Ghent University.

His research involves optical microsystems, with a focus on photonic sensors and photonic packaging, with activities in mechanically flexible photonics, polymer optical waveguides, integration of optical and optoelectronic components, optical coupling to photonic integrated chips and laser-based technologies (for example fs laser inscription of photonic structures in glass).

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