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Dieter Cuypers

Dieter Cuypers
Dr. ir. Dieter Cuypers
Affiliated with IMEC vzw
Technologiepark - Zwijnaarde 126
B-9052 Gent, Belgium
tel : +32-9-264.53.53
fax : +32-9-264.35.94


Dieter Cuypers graduated at the University of Ghent as electro-mechanical engineer in 1997. Afterwards he joined TFCG as a doctoral student. Since 2001 he works for IMEC. He obtained his doctoral degree in 2005. His research activities are mostly situated in the field of microdisplays, optics and thin-film processing.

The title of his Ph.D. thesis is "Vertically Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal MicroDisplays for Projection Applications". You can find the entire text as a pdf-file here.
Alternatively, you can also browse the technical chapters in HTML.*

A list of publications can be found here.

* Note that the markup language of these files is XHTML containing MathML to nicely display mathematics, so you need a browser that can correctly render this. Most recent standards-compliant browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror, Mozilla,...) do, provided you install some math-fonts. Internet Explorer unfortunately still does not. You can try to use the Mathplayer plug-in in this case.